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Our main concern is your safety! Although, at the start, you might think that surfing is a risky business, with our duly qualified and certified coaches, the risk will be just overdose of fun and acquirement of “know how”.

Your experience, in and out of water, will always be followed by a coach who will make sure that you find yourself in safe and always learning more and better!

Learn to surf. How it will be your first experience?!
  • In the first surf lesson, our learners have contact with all tools that will be needed to become in true surfers and have the best experience of their holidays.
  • At the start we make a presentation of all material necessary for surfing lessons, clarification of the safety rules and the heating required for the start of practice.
  • Then, we pass to the explanation of the first maneuver, the “mother” of all maneuvers for all surfers, the “take off”!
After these theoretical explanations we will take action. Ready ?!
  • The surf lesson begins with a roll play in the sand to practice all the theory that has been passed by the coaches … here begins our fun!
  • After well-trained, we ran into the water to put into practice, on the spot, what we’ve learned (always with a coach next, to give all the help that is needed).
  • At the start we remain in the foam of the waves, to gain confidence and to surf safely. Once you have earned the confidence needed, or if you are a natural born surfer, we move forward immediately to a more demanding level. (the more classes you have the better your surfing)
With regard to the material:

We have all, and the best, material for you to have a safe and fun experience in your Surf Lesson. We use boards “beginners friendly” (soft boards of various measures and various levels) and our wetsuits (always in good condition) will protect you from cooler waters, everything to make you feel comfortable and in safe, because the satisfaction of your holidays is our goal!

In general, our customers become our friends such is the intensity of the experience.

Do you want to try?



Surfing in Lisbon and Cascais

We are based in Cascais district and our main spot is in Carcavelos at 20km from Lisbon.

At Cascais/Lisbon, throughout all year, takes place some of the most important competitions of world-class surfing, male and female. As the case WSL (World Surf League) and 6 star WQS.


Carcavelos beach, located near by Lisbon, is considered one of the best beach breaks (sand bottom with multiple surfspots) from around the world.

If you choose to get to Carcavelos beach by your own means, it is very easy!

If you’re staying in Lisbon, you can just take the Cascais line train at Cais do Sodre and in 20 minutes at most, you’re on the spot! If you opt for car you may come through the beautiful Av. Marginal, always by the sea, where you will enjoy a beautiful landscape in a journey which takes just 10 minutes.

This beach is full of good restaurants and terraces where you can enjoy a good meal and a relaxing time by the sea.

In Lisbon and Cascais we have more options where, for a change, we also give surfing lessons. Such as:


This beautiful beach is characterized by being a breack point (rock bottom) of predominantly right waves, long, easy and fun to surf.

Here you will also have easy access by train in 25 minutes from Lisbon, or if you choose come by car, parking facility.

Alternatively you can also choose our transfer, for which will suffice to make us this request.

It has good restaurants and terraces where you can enjoy a good meal and a relaxing time by the sea.

Here you have the best sunset around the Cascais district and a natural viewpoint that will give you inspiration for the rest of your vacation!


At Guincho you will be absorbed by a natural landscape overwhelming and breathtaking!

It is a beachbreak beach, where the Atlantic Ocean offers us all its grandeur and beauty.

Again you find here world-class waves and extreme beauty.

The access to this beach can be done by bus from Cascais. Or, if you choose to get here in your own car, from Lisbon, you may choose to follow the A5 highway and in 30 minutes you will reach the spot.

Alternatively you can also choose our transfer, for which will suffice to make us this request.

Outside our district, but very close and within the Greater Lisbon, we also use to visit regularly other beaches like:


Costa de Caparica has a giant stretch of sandy beach, beachbreak, and with great opportunities to surf good waves, easy and fun.

It also has several restaurants and terraces where you can have a drink and a good meal.

The access can be done by our transfer or, if you choose by your own means, by bus or car by the beautiful bridge over the Tagus River, in 30 minutes.


This beach is located in the Sintra district nearby Cascais is the most popular beach of this district and also world famous for world championships held here.

It is a beachbreak with multiple surf sopts. In this beach the mountain meets the sea making it a naturally beautiful beach.

It also has several restaurants and terraces with very good food and drinks.

Despite these beaches being those ones we attend more regularly, Sal Surfing Tours takes the best of what Portugal offers.
Portugal is a coastal country with excellent surf spots to surf, so we carried out surf tours from Peniche (center of the country) to Sagres (south of the country)